Pentiddy Woods Internship

This is an opportunity to join our family for 9 months living off-grid on an established experimental woodland smallholding.

From October each year through to the following July we are offering a full, rounded experience in sustainable living. You will be trained in numerous essential skills for setting up your own project. There will be a small training budget for off-site courses, free weekends (except during hay-making time!), 1 day each week for more flexible study or skills learning. 4 days a week helping on a variety of interesting tasks around the land.

Each season there will also be trips to the Green Scythe Fair and the National Coppice Federation AGM. There are plenty of interesting places to visit fairly locally such as the Eden Project, Landmatters Community, Agroforestry Research Trust, Keveral Farm Community…

Internship at Pentiddy
Internship at Pentiddy

We can only offer 2-3 places each year, and we would prefer you to visit us for a stay beforehand if possible. Please in the first instance apply in writing or by e-mail. Deadline for applications is the end of June.