The bungalow from the outset has been a challenge for us to find a ‘comfortable’ place for it to sit within the project plan.

For a long time it has been a contentious element as it represents a large part of the purchase price.
In latter months, after much thought and discussion, we now see it as a huge asset and an important part of the overall vision.

Therefore it will remain a dwelling with whoever lives there having a ‘care-taking’ role within Tregovenek. We are looking at how the existing agricultural tie might be changed to a personal permission which will still restrict the independent sale of the bungalow but allow it to be leased at an affordable rent and tied to the project.

There is still much work to be done to make this work. We are seeking help from people familiar with the planning system to make this element a major asset to the farm. Can you help? Contact us to discuss this further.