Single plot for one person £650
Multiple plots purchased together £550 each
Single plot for child under 16 years £375
Single plot for infant under 3 years £150
Interment Fee (payable at time of burial) £450

Burial of ashes £175
Ashes interment fee (payable at time of burial) £200

Brass plaque on memorial board £30

Prices are subject to change in line with inflation. Once a plot is paid for it remains in the purchaser’s possession indefinitely. There is a 28 day ‘cooling off’ period during which the full fee will be refunded without question on return of the documents.

You may cancel a pre-purchased plot if circumstances mean you are moving beyond 50miles from the site. In this case we will try and re-sell the plot for you. We charge an administration fee of 10% for this process.

The Right of Burial Form issued for a pre-booked plot constitutes a legal document and is your security against changes in administration or ownership of the site.

Our prices have increased from May 2017 to make more adequate provision for the services we provide at the time of burial. This will help to secure the long term financial stability of the site. These services include liaising with family, funeral directors, grave diggers and other parties, triangulation and marking of the plot, attendance on the day and completion of administrative tasks.

Payments can be made by cheque made payable to Pentiddy Natural Burials Ltd or by Bank Transfer to The co-operative bank sort code 08-92-50 Account number 70969702.

An ecological choice for burials in South-East Cornwall