The roundhouse is privately owned and not part of the burial site but you are very welcome to use it for funerals. We built it in 2007 as a sacred space and also as a gathering place for school groups to use. It was not designed or sited with the idea of funerals in mind but it has been put to beautiful use over the years by many families who have chosen to include it in their ceremonies.

Inside the roundhouse.

The design is inspired by the native American Navajo people. It allows for an indoor fire which works best with the canvases to cover the windows and door to funnel the smoke up and out through the centre of the roof. There is also a level glade outside the roundhouse where you can have a fire in the fire bowl.

As with everything we do at Pentiddy, we tried to be as green as possible with the design and used local materials. The main timbers originally came from on site here and from Stara Community Woodland near Upton Cross. Many of the original timbers have since been replaced with locally sourced more durable timbers. The roof has a waterproof membrane then turf that we dug up for the build. The walls are constructed with woven split hazel from the coppice here then covered with 4 layers of lime to give a durable finish. The coloured top coat is actually a silicate ‘paint’ and was an expensive choice but gives a naturally breathable protective layer. Unfortunately some of the timbers have shifted slightly which has caused some the walls to crack. Repair work will be being carried out in the Summer 2021.

Use of the roundhouse is arranged through us and is by donation.

Use of the canvases, firebowl and firewood are also by donation.