Family Led Funerals

The following are a few points to consider if you are thinking of organising a funeral without the assistance of a funeral director. The Natural Death Centre (NDC) offers detailed help and assistance in all aspects of family led funerals based on a wealth of experience. Please make sure to look at this useful document published by them. A willing group of family and friends will make the organisation much easier.

  • There is no legal requirement to employ the services of a funeral director.
  • You can use a funeral director for certain aspects of the funeral rather than the whole thing. Many are very flexible and happy to help where you need it most.
  • You may need to arrange for storage of the body if there is a delay before burial. Hospitals can’t keep bodies indefinitely.
  • Transport for the body in a suitable vehicle will need to be arranged.
  • Who is going to lead the ceremony/service and where will it take place?
  • You will need to source a coffin or shroud. The NDC has a list of companies who are happy to sell directly to the public.
  • Who will carry the coffin? We can be present to ensure this is done safely and we have straps available for lowering the coffin into the grave.
  • Flowers can be provided by anyone but any floral tributes must comply to our requirements of being fully biodegradable.
  • Family and friends can choose to be included in backfilling the grave.