Any further questions you have may be covered in the information below. If there is something you cannot find the answer to please contact us for help.

If you are attending a burial at the site please download our attendee document for all the information you should need.

Are trees planted over the graves?
Some graves have a tree, but generally you should not expect a tree over a grave. At Pentiddy Natural Burials, people are buried in an area designed to become a mature high canopy woodland. The whole woodland will become a memorial to those within it.

Can graves be marked?
No, they can not. Pentiddy Natural Burials offers a memorial board on which a brass plaque may be mounted. Plaques can be ordered through Pentiddy Natural Burials.

Can I plant wild flowers on a grave?
Planting on graves is restricted and closely monitored for 2 reasons:

1) We have had much difficulty getting people to understand the idea of only planting native species to prevent cross-pollination and the irreversible contamination of our native species.

2) We now manage the grass by grazing and hay making so working around plants flowering at all times through the Spring and Summer is not possible. Nature is wonderful and will naturally re-colonise the site given time, so if you can be patient and allow natural regeneration it will provide the most suitable plants for this location. ​

If you still wish to plant something on the site then we can supply primroses and bluebells that we know to be of native stock or you can check your own plants with us before planting. The most common plants we have to remove are Spanish Bluebells, Primula/Polyanthus and Daffodils/Narcissus.

* All non-native plants will be removed

How will I or my family know where a grave is once it has blended into the woodland?
All grave locations are accurately surveyed and recorded by Pentiddy Natural Burials. You can use the plot  map to help you locate a grave. If you wish to accurately locate a plot please arrange an appointment.

Are single and double graves available?
Yes. Both single, double and family plots are available, although we no longer offer double depth graves.

How is the wood managed and what plans are there for the future?
In the short-term the site is being managed as wood-pasture for ease of working and access. In the longer term it will evolve into a native woodland using sustainable and ecological principles. A percentage of each plot sale is set aside to ensure ongoing maintenance costs are covered once the burial ground is full.

When is the site open?
The site has public access and is open 365 days/year. Access is available through the main gates or through the public access land surrounding the site.
If you require assistance to locate a plot or wish to be guided around the site please phone Pentiddy Natural Burials first. Please keep these enquiries within normal office hours.

Is there a toilet on site?
No, unfortunately we do not have toilet facilities available on site.
There are toilet facilities available in the community centre in Pensilva village.

What about disabled access?
Access to the entrance of the site is fairly good (a bit of a slope, but a solid surface), but please be aware the site itself is rough grassland and there are no paths defined. Wheelchair users will need assistance and less mobile people may need help too.

What type of coffin can be used?
You may use any type of fully biodegradable coffin or casket, or a shroud. Chipboard, ply and veneered coffins are not suitable due to the glues and chemicals use in their construction. Please see our coffin and shrouds page for more information or if in doubt please contact us.

There are many options available. Most funeral directors have plenty of information and a simple internet search yields good results.

What about embalming (or “hygienic treatment”)?
We will accept embalmed bodies only in very exceptional circumstances, such as repatriation, given the toxic nature of the materials used in the process.

Do I need a funeral director?
No you do not, but if you choose to do your own thing please see our Family Led Funeral page. All our local funeral directors are familiar with Pentiddy Natural Burials and will be happy to help you. We will also readily assist funeral directors from other parts of the country with any arrangements. Further advice on arranging a funeral is available from the Natural Death Centre.

Do I need a Minister?
No you do not. However you are welcome to use whoever you wish, of any or no faith to conduct a funeral at Pentiddy.

Who prepares the grave?
For safety reasons, only those approved by Pentiddy Natural Burials who are appropriately qualified and insured may prepare graves on the site. Graves will be prepared by hand digging to preserve tranquillity and reduce the impact on flora. If desired the family may undertake the backfilling of graves under supervision.

What if I buy a plot and then move away or change my mind?
If you change your mind within 28 days we will refund your plot fee in full on return of your documents. You may cancel a pre-purchased plot if circumstances mean you are moving beyond 50miles from the site. In this case we will try and re-sell the plot for you. We charge an administration fee of 10% for this process.

How do I make a complaint?
In the first instance you should contact Pentiddy Natural Burials Ltd, and your complaint will be dealt with as soon as possible.
Alternatively, complaints may be referred directly to the Association of Natural Burial Grounds.

How can I leave feedback?
Any comments you may have about the site or the service received can be fed back via e-mail or letter and there is a feedback sheet included in the follow-up pack after a burial has taken place.
The ANBG may also be contacted directly with any comments.