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To contact us, Anthony and Ele Waters:

Telephone: 01579 362430
or Anthony’s personal mobile 07421 224422
or Ele’s personal mobile 07421 813976



Pentiddy Natural Burials Ltd
Pentiddy Woods
Attwood Lane
Cornwall. PL14 5QU

Other useful links

Pentiddy Woods

Founded in 2002 by the Waters family, the project focuses on sustainable woodland practices and low impact living and has been designed on permaculture principles. It is off-grid and shows many examples of alternative technology.

Association of Natural Burial Grounds

Established by The Natural Death Centre in 1994, the Association seeks to assist people in the process of establishing sites, to provide guidance to burial ground operators and to represent its members as a whole. Also, it has a Code of Conduct for members, thus providing the public with assurance as to long-term security. This affords a huge amount of information for anyone considering a Natural Burial.


Confortia is a not-for-profit organisation of
older women based in East Cornwall with a great deal of experience and knowledge around death and dying and is a developing group that aims to comfort, support and inform all who wish to talk about and to be better informed about death and dying

Jessie Carr

Jessie is our local willow Coffin maker. Please see her website or our coffins and shrouds page for further information.