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Sheep grazing August 2018

We will be letting the sheep in to graze the burial site from the beginning of August for a couple of weeks.

During their time please ensure all gates are securely closed, and place memorial flowers out of their reach as they love to eat them…

Any questions or concerns please contact us.

Policy Updates

This is to inform everyone that many of our policies have recently been updated and we have a new Data and Privacy Policy.

A few key changes in our policies which you should be aware of:

  • Pre-booked plots are now subject to a 30-year free renewal
  • We have updated our cancellation policy and fee
  • Our Terms and Conditions have been amended
  • Our planting policy has changed- removal of non-natives is underway.

All relevant documents can be found here

New Sign and seating area

We have a new sign and a new seating area in the burial site.

New Sign
Our new entrance sign

Visitors may notice a lovely granite sign at the entrance opposite the car park, and some granite boulders arranged as a seating circle at the top of the burial site.

We hope these additions to the site will make it easier for people to find us and give a focal point within the site.

The sign, which we share with the neighbouring Community Woodland charity, was part-funded with generous donations from supportive community members. Thank you – you know who you are!

Sheep grazing times

Sheep Grazing this Autumn

As part of our revised system of grass management, we will be putting our flock of Hebridean and Black Welsh Mountain sheep in to graze the burial site from the end of October for several weeks.

Visitors to the site should be extra vigilant at ensuring the gates are kept shut at all times please, and be aware that sheep really enjoy eating flowers…..
We suggest placing memorial flowers on a nearby tree or by the memorial board.