Hazel coppice stools.

From the coppice at Pentiddy Woods we are able to supply a range of woodland products.

We have areas of Hazel on a 3-4 year rotation, Sweet Chestnut on 12-15 year rotation and Ash/Lime where the Ash is being replaced gradually with a mix of species due to Ash dieback.

We do not cut every product every year at this stage. Please call us to ensure we have what you require.

Below are a list of products we can supply and prices.

Coppicing hazel.


Weavers (for hurdles or continuous weave fences) min 8′ long 1″ at butt – 90p each (see below for calculating numbers of poles and prices)
Hedge Stakes 5’6″ long 1½-2″ at butt – 80p unpointed, £1 pointed –SORRY, SOLD OUT
Hedge binders ¾-1″ at butt min 8′ long – 80p each
Bean Poles – 8′ long 1-1½” at butt £1 each – SORRY, SOLD OUT
Pea Sticks – 50p each – SORRY, SOLD OUT
Bale spikes (for straw bale building) 3′ long 1″ at butt unpointed – 50p

Sweet Chestnut

Hedge stakes 5’6″ long, 2-4″ at butt – £1.20 – Not currently available
Post and Rail fencing – not yet available
Fence Stakes – not yet available

Other products

Charcoal – 27litre bag (approx 3Kg) – £7.50
Biochar – P.O.A
Firewood (Alder and Ash) – £95 load (approx ¾ tonne)

Calculating volumes of Hazel for weaving

Each weaver is approx 8′ (2.4m) x 1-1½” (25-32mm) and costs 90p
It takes anywhere between 15-20 rods per foot (30cm) of build-up.
This equates to approx. £2/sq ft or £21/m²

Therefore a 3x2m fence would be 6m² = 6 x £21 = £126, 140 rods
or a 9’x6′ would be 54 sq ft = 54 x £2 = £108 or 120 rods

Obviously if you are confident in cleaving the rods in half you can half these figures (or thereabouts- some always break!)