For a list of courses and other events please see the Pentiddy Calendar.

Unless stated otherwise courses cost £100 per person per day (excluding materials), and concessions are available – please ask for more details.

There are two ways I organise courses.

1) There is a list of pre arranged courses below showing when and where they are taking place, and who to book through if appropriate

2) If there is a course you are interested in that is not already running, or you cannot make the date / venue shown, please contact me to discuss your requirements and when I have enough people to run a particular course, I will arrange a time and venue to suit everyone.

Courses available

Introduction to green woodworking
get a taste of the skills used by traditional bodgers on the pole-lathe, have a go at cleaving wood and shaping it on the shaving horse, learn basic mortice and tenon jointing as well as some tricks of the trade. You will produce something to take home, the complexity of which is dependant on the course length – 1,2 or 3 days.

Chairmaking course
Post and rung style chairs are a fun and challenging project. You will be expertly guided through all the processes involved and produce a chair to take home – 3 days
*Please note that your chair will need a seat such as a bark strip seat or woven rush like the one provided on the course outlined below

Rush Seating Course
This course will guide you through the process of weaving a traditional rush seat. *Note you must have a chair to put your seat on – if you have an old rushed chair please leave the old rush on and bring it along – If you would like to come along but have no chair please contact me to discuss other options – 1 to 2 days

The traditional layed hedge produces a thick stock proof boundary. Hedges on these courses will be layed in the westcountry style (traditional to this area) 1 or more days

Outdoor Skills
Imagine spending a weekend camping in the woods, sitting around the campfire cooking dinner, sharing stories and tales…. what could be more idyllic?
But what if you had to build the shelter you sleep in from natural materials, had to forage for your food, whittle the spoon to eat it with, and light the campfire by friction?
This weekend course gives you the opportunity to explore these and other fundamental outdoor skills in a friendly and fun environment in a beautiful Cornish woodland setting. This course includes food.(NOTE weekend costs £130 per person)

Yes, another big boys dream comes true! This course will show you how to make a bow from native Ash wood, and how to make the arrows, and bowstring…….well what else do you need?! – 4 days

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