Hazel coppice stools.

From the coppice at Pentiddy Woods we are able to supply a range of woodland products.

We have areas of Hazel on a 3-4 year rotation, Sweet Chestnut on 12-15 year rotation and Ash/Lime where the Ash is being replaced gradually with a mix of species due to Ash dieback.

We do not cut every product every year at this stage. Please call us to ensure we have what you require.

Below are a list of products we can supply and prices.

Coppicing hazel.

Hazel (2022)

Weavers (for hurdles or continuous weave fences) min 8′ long 1″ at butt – 90p each (see below for calculating numbers of poles and prices)
Hedge Stakes 5’6″ long 1½-2″ at butt – 80p unpointed, £1 pointed –Not available.
Hedge binders ¾-1″ at butt min 8′ long – 80p each
Bean Poles – 8′ long 1-1½” at butt £1.20 each
Pea Sticks – 50p each
Bale spikes (for straw bale building) 3′ long 1″ at butt unpointed – 60p each

Sweet Chestnut

Hedge stakes 5’6″ long, 2-4″ at butt – £1.20 – Not currently available
Post and Rail fencing – not yet available
Fence Stakes – not yet available

Other products

Charcoal – 27litre bag (approx 3Kg) – £7.50
Biochar – P.O.A
Firewood (Alder and Ash) – £95 load (approx ¾ tonne)- Please check with us if you would like some firewood. The new Woodsure scheme means we may not be able to supply any without breaking the law! We are in discussion with them to come up with a reasonable solution.


We can offer delivery of items by arrangement. We charge 50p/mile plus £10 per hour.

Calculating volumes of Hazel for weaving

Each weaver is approx 8′ (2.4m) x 1-1½” (25-32mm) and costs 90p
It takes anywhere between 15-20 rods per foot (30cm) of build-up.
This equates to approx. £2/sq ft or £21/m²

Therefore a 3x2m fence would be 6m² = 6 x £21 = £126, 140 rods
or a 9’x6′ would be 54 sq ft = 54 x £2 = £108 or 120 rods

Obviously if you are confident in cleaving the rods in half you can half these figures (or thereabouts- some always break!)