19th December 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

We would like to inform visitors that our annual winter spiral in the roundhouse is on the 19th December from 7.30.

The winter spiral is a very simple and beautiful ceremony adapted from the Steiner Advent Spiral.

The time before the Solstice and Christmas is a time of preparation, from the mundane preparations of the housework and shopping to the inner preparation of ourselves as we approach the darkest time that must come before the coming of the light when the days start to get longer.

A spiral will be laid out with greenery on the floor of the roundhouse with a lit candle at its centre. To the accompaniment of communal chanting each individual will each take an unlit candle around the spiral to the central candle, light it and place it amidst the spiral on their out-ward journey. This simple act of receiving a candle, carrying it alone on a journey to the source of light, kindling it and placing it on the earth, leaves a deep impression on hearts and minds.

The journey through the spiral with the unlit candle is symbolic of our journey into the darkness. Then as we light our candle and carry it outwards we become instrumental in the spreading of the light. Through our free choice of where to put the candle we see how our freedom can be used for the common good. It can be seen as a journey to an inner place, where we can find a light to carry back into the world to help us in our own journey.

……….or it could just be seen as a nice thing to do!

Unfortunately there is limited space so the spiral is run on an invitation only basis, but please feel free to explore your own spiral outside of the times specifies above.

Warm winter wishes,

Ele, Anthony, Elowen, Adeon and Tim